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Marketing Lists and Lead Aquisition
Fresh and targeted names of consumers and businesses in your area

List Acquisition and Data Enhancement
Are you thinking about expanding your prospecting, perhaps trying out an offer in a new location or among a new type of buyer? We can help with mailing list acquisition. We offer specialty lists, consumer lists selected by demographics, and res/occupant lists, all at very competitive pricing.

Finding Consumers
Our consumer lists are multi-sourced and comprehensive, with dozens of selects available, such as ethnicity, presence and number of children, net worth, educational level, religion, political leaning, type of vehicle owned, owners of RVs, and many more.

List Improvements
Our list enhancement services include appending data to your customer lists. We can geocode, e-mail or phone append, or add straightforward demographic data such as age and income to your files. Call us for special requests.

Specialty and Business Lists
We can obtain specialty lists of new movers, new homeowners, credit scored lists, professionals in many industries, and other specialized sets of people. In addition, our comprehensive B2B lists (sourced from Dun & Bradstreet) have many standard selects available. Automotive lists available.

Compiling Your Own
Database creation from internet or other publicly available non-formatted sources is not usually prohibitive in cost.
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