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Business and Nonprofits Marketing
Managing Costs and Meeting Deadlines

We offer many products and services for business customers. We can be a partner to help you manage your
postal mail production and costs.

We can manage your print needs beyond direct mail pieces, from business forms to stationery as well
as specialty promotional products.

We can assist you in obtaining and maintaining high-quality marketing data.

Would you like usable business intelligence from your house lists and marketing campaigns? We can
assist you in designing campaigns for measurable results, such as purls, coded offers, and variable offers
using your house lists and RFM data. Let us know what you have in mind and we can help make it happen.

We also offer design, printing and mailing of marketing and communications materials: postcards, personalized letters, and brochures. Let us produce direct mail pieces from concept all the way to your recipient’s mailbox. Mailpiece tracking is available for your campaign.

Digital print on demand saves time and money! Print exactly as much as you need, and have the mail processing done immediately.

Every Door Direct Mail™

We are pleased to offer marketing solution using the USPS Every Door Direct Mail program.

Without any list acquisition costs, you can reach 100% of the addresses in a targeted location. We can take an Every Door Direct Mail project from start to finish for a very reasonable cost and in a short amount of time.

Brainstorm your promotion on Monday, have new customers by Friday!

Data Management

We’ve integrated cost controls into all of our business customers’ direct mail and communications efforts.

With our in-depth knowledge of the US Postal Service rules and regulations, we help you find efficiencies and improvements in total mail costs.

Data hygiene is an often neglected piece of cost management. We aggressively clean and household mailing lists to keep costs down and reduce waste of print and postage.

What about the movers?

We offer as a standard service 18 months of National Change of Address processing on all direct mail campaigns. First class mail is subject to this processing unless you have legal obligations to mail to the address of record. We can also perform 48 months of NCOA data for your older lists.
See the Marketing Lists section for information about acquiring marketing lists.

Fulfillment Or, How to Get Your Staff Back

Hand work, bulky catalogs, overweight postage charges, leads from 20 different sources, storage costs, supply re-orders. Doing fulfillment work in-house can be unmanageable at times.

All these headaches can be eliminated by outsourcing fulfillment to our company. Our print-on-demand technology can be used for many fulfillment applications.

We can maximize your postal discounts, warehouse your materials, perform the sometimes tedious preparation of material, even handle website leads.

Geo-data and management reports are available, too.

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